This simple, but clear job aid was created as a memory jogger to remind employees of the red flag email protocol. Failure to send a red flag email in a timely manner can result in bad debt on the company's behalf.

Problem and Solution:

The client, PayorNav, needed a solution to remind employees of red flag email protocols.

The department underwent minor changes in June 2021, causing a shortage of seasoned employees. New hires employed had not been adequately trained on red flag email protocol. Employees often sent red flag emails missing vital pieces causing the company to accrue "bad debt."

I was able to propose a job aid to help close the learning gap between new and inadequately trained employees. I designed and developed a simple job aid of instructions describing when to send, whom to include, and what to attach to red flag emails.


Following the initial discussion of the learning gap and the proposed solution, I conferred with the manager(SME)on the highlights of a red flag email. The SME shared examples of red flag emails sent from the manager and employees. These examples allowed me to assess what employees had been doing and not doing related to the protocol.

I created a prototype of a job aid filling in the learning gaps observed in the email samples and needed information discussed with SME. I designed a prototype to review with SME. After review, I made many changes, resulting in a clear and well-organized job aid.


Finalized Job Aid


I enjoyed designing this job aid. It allowed me to shift from educator to instructional designer, which showed between my prototype and finalized project. This job aid has helped close the learning gap among employees and decreased errors in the red flag email protocol.