This learning-centered interactive course permits new employees to complete the initial new-hire onboarding process. New employees will learn about the organization and its structure, the department they will be working in, vision, mission, and values of the company. New hires will feel well equipped to enter into their new role.

Problem and Solution:

PayorNaviation has experienced a high turnover rate in recent months. The department wanted to explore a way to increase the employee welcoming experience in hopes that this would retain employees and make new hires feel welcomed.

The manager suggested creating an orientation course to welcome new employees to the team. After research and a follow-up discussion with the manager, she decided an onboarding course would be more welcoming to new employees vs. orientation.



I learned a lot organizing this course, including the importance of onboarding which fueled my creativity in designing and developing this course. This course greets new hires to the company, making them proud of their decision to work for StoneGate Senior Living. New hires will be equipped for success and feel supported in their new role. I enjoyed combining Storyline in the development of this course to gain feedback from individuals after completing the course.