This engaging interactive rise course walks employees through the job functions of their role and how to carry out the task.

Problem and Solution:

PayorNavagation, a department within the corporate office of StoneGate Senior Living, needed training material due to the high employee turnover rate.

Prior to this creating training, new hires learned the duties of their roles through shadowing other employees. New hires learned the duties of the multiple roles in the department instead of specific detailed training needed for the role they were fulfilling. The lack of training contributed to frustrated employees and many employees quitting within the first three months.

I proposed an interactive eLearning rise course that would allow employees to learn about the job functions of their roles and how to perform the needed task. I designed and developed an engaging rise course that will help both new and current employees in this role.


After the initial discussion of the problem and the proposed solution, I consulted with the manager (SME) to discuss what success looks like in this role. With the desired outcome in mind, I approached the development of this training through backward planning using a mini-course blueprint. Using the mini-course blueprint I identified mini-goals that led to the overall learning objective of the course.

Design Document:

Take a look at the storyboard to get a peek inside the rise course.

Gather Information Rise Storyboard.pptx


This project challenged me to transition from creating learning material for students to training material for adults. I had to educate myself on adult learning theories to aid in building an effective course that delivers the desired results while keeping learners engaged.